Our Origins


with amore from vulcano sicily

Our story can be traced back to the breathtakingly beautiful island of Vulcano

located off the coast of Sicily in Italy. One of the Aeolian Islands, Vulcano is

only 21 sq kilometres and has a small permanent population of around 700 people.

However, visit this stunning island in the European summer and it’s a different story! You’ll see the rich and famous moored off the coast in their amazing yachts and tourists everywhere enjoying the attractions. People flock to Vulcano for its beautiful beaches, hot springs and sulphur mud baths with healing qualities.

Another highlight in Vulcano is a visit to Ritrovo Remigio – a well known bar and cafe located on the port. This bar was established in 1960 by Remigio Aiello who is Gino Maniaci’s grandfather. He built Ritrovo Remigio into a thriving seasonal business and for the past 25 years Remigio’s son in law and Gino’s father, Tony Maniaci has been at the helm of Ritrovo Remigio.  He has brought a new edge to the bar and it has become well known for its gelato and cannoli as mentioned by Lonely Planet and Frommers.

Tony Maniaci

It was here at Ritrovo Remigio that the secret base recipe of the world renowned gelato served at Vulcano Gelato was inspired and cultivated by Remigio Aiello and mastered by Tony Maniaci.

Gino Maniaci and his wife Josephine Colombo have been incredibly fortunate to learn from such great ‘masters of their trade’ and want to share their passion for this amazing mouth watering experience with you and the world.

Read about Remigio Aiello’s grandson Gino Maniaci – Vulcano Gelato’s director.