Gelato Facts


what is gelato?

Gelato, like espresso, is a part of Italian life – everyone loves it!
This frozen dessert is Italy’s version of ice cream but is very different to
what we know as ice cream in Australia.

how is gelato different to ice cream?

1. Gelato has less fat than traditional ice cream. Traditional ice cream usually has around 14-18% fat whilst gelato has around 4-8%. Less fat, less calories – that’s got to be good!

2. Gelato is slow churned whilst it’s being made which means that less air is introduced into the mixture. This makes the gelato thicker and more concentrated than normal ice cream which gives you a richer, creamier and more intense flavour. Yum!

3. Gelato is stored a few degrees warmer so that it keeps its soft, silky, creamy texture and melts in your mouth faster so you taste its full flavour immediately . Delicious!

High quality artisan gelato holds it peak flavour and texture for only a few days. That’s why at Vulcano Gelato we make it fresh, every single day using yummy ingredients that

we import straight from Italy. 

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