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our iconic delights

Our very own iconic ‘namesake’ signature flavour and an eruption of layered flavours to blow your mind. Luscious, naughty and unpredictable, Vulcano will tantalise ... tease ... rumble and build you up to an orgasmic explosion! Gelato never tasted this hot.

Taste of Sicily 
The Godfather of gelato ... if we say any more, we’ll have to kill you!
Cioccolato Fondente 
A dark, mysterious and very, very exotic Italian ... now here’s a smooth dark chocolate demon to send you over the edge. And don’t let the fact that it has zero milk fool you – its packing high voltage coco beans! Strictly for those that like it a little dangerous.
Spellbinding, to say the least ... and everyone loves a little bit of magic. With a shot of the infamous Italian liquor Strega (aka ‘the witch’) in the brew, this one has been known to cast a bewitching spell of pure euphoria.

Brioche con Gelato
Bet you’ve never had anything quite like a Brioche con Gelato before! Your taste buds will thank you. What is it you ask? We take a brioche, cut it in half and fill it with your favourite gelato flavours. It’s a meal in itself, so yummy your tastebuds won’t know what hit them... it will leave you speechless!!!!

some of our famous favourites

A whole new love affair with chocolate ...pure Italian style ... smooth, sophisticated and unsurpassable.

Toasted hazelnuts from Italy that will have you whipped into a frenzy – a great one to go nuts over!

99% fat free made with freshly squeezed lemon juice to knock your socks off! There is nothing quite like it ... totally mouth watering!

For the kooky cookie cruncher in all of us this one is packed with cookies so you can crunch to your heart’s content!

For the espresso lover this one is made using freshly brewed espresso coffee – creamy like you wouldn’t believe with the unexpected bursting of the odd roasted coffee bean, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised

Take Home Packs
Perfect for when you have guests coming over or just want some gelato for your freezer at home – in case you get the urge for a spoon or three in the middle of the night! Available in 3 sizes; 500ml 1000ml and 1500ml.

Gelato cakes
We make gelato cakes to order in any flavour you want. Please give us at least 3 business days notice for special orders. Or you can take pot luck and come into the shop and see what’s available in the display freezer for people on the run. The cakes are ideal for birthday parties, dinner parties and BBQ’s. Actually, who even needs an occasion to justify buying one? Get one for the family today.

Individual Gelato Deserts 
Great for little or big kid’s parties, you can order our individual gelato deserts in any flavour gelato you want. We need 3 business days notice and there is a minimum order of 25 pieces. However, if these are your secret indulgence and you just need one yourself every now and then, we always keep some in the display cabinet so come in and see what flavours are available.